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Located in Shonapara district of Cox's Bazaar, MKA hatchery started its humble beginings like all other hatcheries in the area. It relied on gravid females from the wild. Soon enough its visionary owner Main Uddin Ahmad realized that this was not a sustainable process.


He started his own domestication project with CSIRO Australia to try and domesticate broodstock from the Bay of Bengal, and after several years the attempt was no longer commercially viable. Since then MKA has partnered up with Moana Techonologies LLC of hawaii and built a stock of SPF Monodon Breeders. 


It took two years to fine tune the hatchery environment so that the breeders could grow in an organic and disease free environment. Now MKA boasts that is the first hatchery in Bangladesh to have successfully implemented natural mating as a commercially viable process.

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